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Welcome Message

Uganda School of Professional Development (USPD) Limited is Uganda's most prestigious training and consultancy company. We primarily focus on high quality advisory services and capacity building in the fields of accounting, finance, management information system, research and analysis, management, ICT, human resource management, procurement, strategic planning and analysis and related disciplines in both public and private sectors.

USPD (Head Office) in Uganda is organized in three divisions, each addressing part of our core expertise: School, Executive Development, and Advisory Services. Here at USPD, we celebrate every year as a year of service excellence.


These are short duration courses (ranging between 1 – 4 weeks) designed to cultivate and enrich students’ knowledge and skills for and within the workplace. All our short courses have a strong emphasis on professional development in regard to a wide variety of topics, issues, and practical applications relevant to professionalism in the contemporary workplace. These courses are open to all students. There are no prerequisites and on completion USPD awards the student a certificate.


USPD is a training centre for Certified Public Accountants Uganda and Certified Information Systems Auditors. We have professional and well experienced tutors and our course descriptions per paper are designed to the required standard to enable a student excel in examinations.